What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting gives you the privilege to solely host your website on a private server you have rented. 

You now have complete root and admin access, allowing you to manage any aspect of your computer, from security to the operating system you use.

This personal space comes with an extra cost when we compare it with the other hosting options. And this makes it the most expensive web hosting solution available. 

Dedicated hosting option is typically utilized by website owners who seek total control over the hosting servers. It is also helpful for those who expect large amounts of website traffic.

The installation and continued operation of the server require a high level of technical competence which makes this option expensive. Widely used dedicated servers are based on Windows, Linux and Ubuntu operating systems.

This is primarily a solution for large enterprise companies which have unique technological requirements for which an enterprise grade hardware environment is a mandatory thing.

Dedicated Servers are also useful for modern infrastructure solutions like web and virtual server hosting, big-data analytics, back office applications, and many other applications that demand the ultimate in power and long-term stability.

If you use a WordPress solution, then dedicated hosting is not necessary. For the majority of WordPress users, cloud hosting offers dedicated resource performance advantages at a cheaper cost than dedicated hosting. However, Managed WordPress Hosting provides greater value for websites which are aiming to load quickly.

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